Playing Santa? Watch Your Back!

back care advice at Christmas from our fareham chiropractorRacing around decking the halls with boughs of holly? Twisting your body into all sorts of positions getting those Christmas presents down from the attic? You could pay the price afterwards! According to our chiropractor in Fareham, many people pick up back injuries during the lead up to Christmas – and quite often because they don’t take the necessary precautions to protect their spines. It’s easy to look after your spine, but it’s not so simple to mend it once its injured.  With that in mind, our chiropractor has jotted down a few pointers to reduce the risk of you injuring yourself during the festive season:

Prevention is better than cure.

It’s far easier to prevent a back injury than it is to rehabilitate it! Knowing what motions, positions and load causes you pain can help you to avoid an injury! For example, if it hurts for you to sit, you should avoid bending forward to help prevent the injury mechanism and to restore your tissue tolerance.

Never bend your spine under load.

It’s simple; flexing your spine while carrying a load significantly increases your risk of injury.   You may be able to get away with bending over to put on your shoes and socks, but it’s a different story when bending over to pick up a heavy Christmas present or a box full of decorations!  When lifting anything heavy, keep your spine in a neutral position and flex your hips and knees to lift. You may also use a lunge position.

Stay tall when carrying something.

Be careful not to lean forward or backward when you’re carrying something as this can strain the back muscles and lead to injury.

Always use a ladder.

Placing that star on top of the Christmas tree, pulling down those gifts you’ve hidden at the top of the wardrobe … there’s a lot of lifting and stretching to be done over the festive period.   Overextending your back or neck can lead to a serious pain so make sure you use a ladder or stepladder to prevent you from stretching your muscles in a way they are just not meant to be stretched! It’s also a good idea to have someone at the base of the ladder to help you.

Follow these tips to keep your spine healthy this Christmas. After all, a back injury is one thing no one wants to wake up to on Christmas morning!

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