Relatives Staying at Christmastime? Don’t Do Their Backs In!

back care advice from our Fareham chiropractorA worrying survey ­carried out by the ­British ­Chiropractic Association has found that two in three people have suffered neck or back pain by the age of 35. The figures reach a shocking eight in 10 for people over 35.

This means that if you haven’t suffered with back pain, you probably know someone who does or has.

With Christmas fast approaching, you may be among the many people making plans for friends or relatives to stay at your home over the festive period. Our Fareham chiropractor recommends that you ensure your house is “back-proofed” if any of your staying visitors suffer from back pain. Sometimes, something as seemingly insignificant as sleeping in a different bed or sitting on a new couch can worsen or even cause painful back symptoms. And let’s face it; a guilty conscious isn’t exactly at the top of your Christmas wish list!

Follow these top tips to ensure all your visitors keep their backs’ safe this Christmas.

 1: Pillow Out The Risk

Your relatives may be at risk of developing/ worsening back pain if you provide them with pillows that are too high or too flat.

Consider suggesting to your relatives that they bring their own pillows to reduce the risk of back pain. You could also think about purchasing a cervical pillow or one made of memory foam.

2: Cushion the Blow

Your soft, fluffy sofa may seem like an attractive place to relax after a scrumptious Christmas lunch, but slouching can triple the pressure on spinal discs.

Prepare a throw pillow, lumbar roll, or even a rolled-up towel for any relatives that suffer from back pain. You may not always be able to get them to sit in the perfect posture, but encouraging them to support their lower backs will help to reduce the risk of developing/ worsening back pain.

3: Dodge the Hidden Wrath of the Loo Roll

Can you think of a more mortifying moment for your relatives to do throw their backs out than while sat on your toilet? Well, if reaching for the loo roll requires three contortions, they could be at risk doing just that!

To save you all the risk of embarrassment, it’s worth spending a few pennies on a free-standing toilet roll holder. It’s a simple and attractive option that will mean your visitors can easily reach the loo roll.

We hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful and pain free Christmas.

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