Spring Your Spine into Blooming Health With These Fun Seasonal Hobbies

women doing yogaAfter being cooped up inside all winter, most of us are itching to enjoy the sunny, springtime air at this time of the year. But what if you suffer from chronic back pain? Does this mean you have to sit on the side lines? Not at all!

According to our Fareham chiropractor (and pretty much every other back pain specialist out there!) exercise is one of the best ways to manage and combat an achy back. And what more enjoyable way to get your body moving than by taking part in some springtime sports?

Here are some fun tips on how you can put a spring in your step and reduce your back pain (and there’s not a spectator seat in sight!).

However, do seek medical advice before starting any new form of treatment, especially if you have a pre-exiting condition or injury.


Swimming is the perfect exercise for back pain, and springtime is the perfect time to swim.

According to our chiropractor in Fareham, the best way to swim if you have back pain is to hold your lower abdominal muscles up and keep your body level in the water. You should also try not to arch your back as you swim.

If you are swimming in the front crawl position, be careful not to twist your head to the side, as this can cause neck pain. Instead, focus on rolling your whole body to the side and tuck in your chin to take a breath.  You may also find it helpful to use swimming gear, such as a snorkel or a pool noddle to help you maintain good form while you’re in the pool.


If you suffer from back pain, your doctor or chiropractor has probably already recommended that you walk on a regular basis.  In fact, walking is part of the medical guidelines for self-treatment for back pain. With the sky a little clearer, the air a little warmer and the days a little longer, there is no better time of the year than spring to get out in the fresh outdoors and take that first step towards a heathier spine.

But according to our Fareham chiropractor, it’s not just how often you walk, but how you walk, that can have a positive affect on your back.

It’s important to practice good walking posture  to relieve stress on your spine. When you walk, your spine should be in a neutral position, without leaning forward or backward, with your abdominal muscles engaged. To help maintain this position, you should also keep your head straight and your eyes forward as you walk.  It’s surprising how these simple corrections to your posture can make such a big impact when it comes to preventing and relieving back pain.


Yoga is one of those exercise regimes that continues to generate great reviews. And that’s because it generates great results!

Yoga positions can help to increase strength in very specific muscles and muscle groups. Many of the postures in yoga can gently strengthen your muscles in your back, as well as your abdominal muscles, which are both essential in helping your body to maintain proper posture and movement.  When these muscles are well conditioned, you can significantly reduce the risk of back pain and alleviate any existing back pain symptoms.

There’s no denying that exercise is one of the most effective ways minimise back pain. What better time than now to start? Even if you feel like doing nothing more than curling up on the sofa, get out there and start moving your body. Your spine will certainly thank you for it!

Our experienced team of chiropractors at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic in Fareham are here if you want further advice on back pain or specific exercises that can help you to manage your symptoms. Get in touch with us today. We are ready to help.





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