Do you suffer back or neck pain frequently – you’re not alone?

back pain treated by our fareham chiropractorBack pain is a fairly common condition and it seems that according to recent consumer research released by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) that more people in the UK are experiencing back or neck pain on a weekly basis than they were five years ago.

The number of people suffering back or neck pain weekly is now 49% an increase of 9% on five years ago. The number of people suffering back or neck pain on a monthly basis also rose to 65% an increase of 16% over the five years.

The research also looked at the common triggers for back or neck pain. Common triggers reported include:

  • sitting for long periods
  • job related
  • sleeping
  • sports and exercise

It’s unfortunate that the most common triggers are actions that most of us undertake on a daily basis which probably accounts for why back pain is so common.

Whilst these triggers are common our chiropractors at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic share their top tips to help prevent back pain:

  • Take a break from sitting: Stand up and move around at least every 30 minutes. Incorporating some simple stretches into your break will also be beneficial.
  • Set up your desk/PC for a safe back: Make sure your desk, office chair and PC are set up to ensure you have a good seated posture. You can view a video below that will help you get set up.
  • Check you bed/mattress: Your bed/mattress supports you every night so it is important that it’s up to the job. You’ll find some great advice in one of our past posts here.
  • Stay active and take regular exercise: Strengthening your body can help protect your back and physical activity can be beneficial in managing back pain. Seek professional advice to ensure you find the right exercise for you and your back.
  • Improve your posture: Having a good posture is important for the health of your back. A simple 3 minute programme designed to be daily has been developed by the BCA to help improve your posture. We’ve included a video below of the Straighten Up Uk programme.

If you suffering back or neck pain you don’t have to live with it. Our experienced team of chiropractors in Fareham are highly trained to help treat back or neck pain.

PC Posture:

Straighten Up UK:






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