Suffer from Back Pain? Try Yoga to Put a Spring in Your Step!

women doing yoga As a busy chiropractor in Fareham, we often provide our patients with advice on certain exercises and activities that can be effective in preventing and managing back pain. One of these activities is yoga. An exercise that focuses on increasing posture, flexibility and strength, yoga can be highly beneficial for helping back pain and classes are commonly available in most leisure centres and health clubs.

So what are the physical benefits of this ancient form of exercise?

Our chiropractor advises that many of the muscles in the back and abdomen can be strengthened by yoga. When these muscles are strong and well conditioned, certain forms of back pain can be significantly reduced and sometimes even prevented.

Because the back and abdominal muscles are closely connected to the spine’s network, good posture and movement are also often the result of yoga. Concentrating on the specific muscles exercised in yoga (such as when you’re holding a certain position) may also help to improve strength and flexibility. At the same time, yoga can also enable people to become aware of their body’s limitations which can act as a preventive measure for future activities. In other words, a person suffering from back pain can gain a deeper awareness and understanding of what types of motion they should and should not avoid.

Most people are aware that good posture is crucial to maintaining a healthy back but not everyone is aware of just how beneficial yoga can be in achieving the correct posture. The “poses” or positions involved in yoga are designed to train the body to be supple. Practising and applying these positions will almost certainly result in a better posture as the head, shoulders and pelvis properly align. This correct body alignment, together with improved posture, will help maintain the natural curve of the spine – a key role in managing or preventing painful lower back conditions.

Stretching is also among one of the most effective yoga components for those suffering from back pain. The stretching and relaxation techniques involved in yoga helps to reduce tension in muscles. Within yoga positions, certain muscles contract while others stretch. This promotes both relaxation and flexibility within the muscles and joints. Stretching the hamstring muscles, for example, will help to increase the motion in the pelvis which will reduce the stress across the lower back.

Yoga stretches also help to increase blood flow which allows more nutrients to flow in, more toxins to flow out and an increased level of nourishment to the soft tissues and muscles of the lower back.

So if you suffer with back pain and you want to put a spring in your step, then yoga could be the activity that makes all the difference. However, you should always discuss any new exercise programme with your GP, chiropractor or other health care practitioner before you start.

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