Taking A Road Trip This Summer?

back pain advice from our Fareham chiropractorFor many packing up the car and hitting the road is the thing to do for the summer holidays. This could mean heading to a destination in the UK or further afield maybe even across the Channel! If taking to the road on a road trip is on the cards for you this summer then our chiropractors want to remind you of the importance of checking your driving position to maintain a good posture and keep your back safe.

Consumer research undertaken by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) revealed that 25% of those questioned believed that driving was one of the factors that affected their posture. Your posture can have a significant impact on the health of you back so maintaining a good posture when driving is important.

We have included a video below that the BCA has produced to demonstrate how to adjust your driving position to maintain a good posture whilst driving. The video also includes other relevant advice to help keep your back safe whilst driving.

Here are our chiropractors tips for minding your posture when driving:

Seat: Adjust your seat so that its back is set slightly backwards. Sitting in the seat should feel natural and your elbows should be at a comfortable and relaxed angle when your hands are on the steering wheel.

Steering Wheel: When your seat is in the correct position, your hands should fall onto the steering wheel with a slight bend at the elbows. You may need to adjust your steering wheel to ensure this.

Mirrors: Adjust the mirrors so that you can see around the car with the minimum of head movement.

Seatbelt: Ensure that your seatbelt lies across the top of your shoulder and it isn’t rubbing against your neck or falling off your shoulder.

Our chiropractors at Homewood Chiropractic clinic wish you a safe and happy trip wherever you are heading to this summer.


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