The Three Unlikely Hobbies That Could Be Causing Your Back Pain

back care advice from our fareham chiropractorThere’s nothing quite like having a hobby to engage, learn and push yourself to new limits. Having a hobby is an effective way to stay mentally and physically active, but what happens when your favourite pastime causes back pain or a stiff neck? Could the thing you like to do the most really be responsible for those aches and niggles?

Here our Fareham chiropractor reveals three unlikely hobbies that could be harming your spine and what you can do about it…

Playing Golf

Golf has become an extremely popular way to be active, social and spend time outdoors, especially among those in their retirement years. But golfing requires repetitive motions of the back, shoulders and elbows. Even though it’s not a contact sport and is a relatively gentle activity, golfing can still lead to the overuse of back muscles and lead to chronic pain. Osteoarthritis, for example, is one back condition that some golfers tend to develop.

Regular Travel

When you think about some of the more physically demanding hobbies that people enjoy, travelling seems like a mild recreation. But it can actually lead to serious back problems. Sitting for long periods, fast schedules and carrying heavy luggage can put enormous stress on the spine.

Sewing and Knitting

Okay, so sitting in your living room making a woollen teddy bear hardly screams “extreme!”, but knitting and sewing are two of the biggest secret culprits of back and neck pain. Both crafts require focus and precision, which causes a lot of people to hunch over to see their work. Avid knitters and sewers also tend to sit for long periods of time as they work on their masterpieces. Even with a sewing machine, people can still suffer from back pain and poor posture.

So what’s the solution?

No one is suggesting that you ditch your favourite hobby or give up on your relaxation time. But it is definitely worth talking to a reputable chiropractor about how to keep your back safe while enjoying your favourite activities. With care and advice, you will be able to enjoy your hobby for longer, and with less risk of pain or complications

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