Time To Take a Tech Break?

healthy living advice from our fareham chiropractorMost of us can’t imagine a life without the modern conveniences that we’ve become so used to. Thanks to the incredible technology of Smartphones and other handheld devices, we are more in touch with the world than ever before. At the simple swipe of a screen, we are now able to know what’s happening anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. But is the health of our spines paying the price?

According to our Fareham chiropractor, more and more younger people are experiencing back and neck pain. And too much time spent hunched over a Smartphone/ tablet or computer is often to blame.

We should all make an effort to add some tech-free time into our daily lives. And not just for the sake of our spines…

You’ll be more relaxed

Your mind will have more space to unwind when your Smartphone is not beeping, pinging or vibrating in your pocket every few seconds. You’ll slow down. You’ll relax. You’ll have more time to focus on you.

You’ll have more clarity

Trying to constantly stay updated with what the world and its dog is up to takes your mind off the present. Go for a walk with your phone switched off and soak up your surroundings instead of a screen. You’ll be surprised at how clear your mind will become.

You’ll make better connections

The more connected you are on social media, the less connected you are likely to be with the people in your everyday life. If you’re not looking at a screen while having dinner with your partner, then you’ll have to look and talk to your partner. It’s as simple as that.  It’s great to be able to stay in touch with your online friends, but the people in your “real life” need your attention too!

You’ll be healthier

If you have enough time to spend hours on end on your Smartphone or tablet, then you have enough time to keep fit! Use 30 minutes that you would usually spend online doing some exercise. Your back will certainly thank you for it! Your spine just wasn’t designed for sitting around for long periods or being hunched over as you send your 200th text message of the day.

Get more tech-free time into your life! You’ll be amazed at how much you enjoy it!

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