Top Tips for a Healthy October!

healthy living advice from our fareham chiropractorThe days are getting shorter, the air is getting fresher and there’s a warm and earthy feeling starting to rekindle. There’s no doubt autumn is in full swing; but is your health?

There’s no denying the fact that our health goals can start to drop a few points on the priority list as summer fades into fall. But autumn is actually one of the easiest times to improve your health and fitness.

Here our chiropractor in Fareham explains exactly how to do this:

Buy Food in Season.

Autumn offers a time to embrace delicious healthy foods such as sweet potatoes, pumpkins and winter squash.

Enjoy the vibrancy of the food that the season provides and maybe even try using these yummy ingredients in some new family recipes.

Eat Your Colours!

Autumn is the season of warm colours, such as deep greens, golden yellows and burnt oranges.

When you eat foods that are rich in these colours, your body will absorb the colourful nourishment that they provide. Try to incorporate a wide variety of colours into your diet. According to our chiropractor, the more colourful the fruit and vegetables, the better your health and immune system will be.

Dodge the “Lurgy”.

You can give your body the best chance of avoiding those dreaded winter colds by boosting your immune system during the autumn.  Some great natural immune-defenders include fresh water, garlic, lysine, probiotics, Vitamins B, C and D, reishi mushroom, zinc, propolis and Manuka honey.

Keep Moving!

Don’t let the cooler temperatures stop you from keeping physically active. The British weather is no excuse for not exercising. (If it was, we would have a nation of people who only exercised a few months of the year, at best!)

Join an indoor fitness class, purchase some exercise DVDs, swim or go to the gym. It doesn’t matter where or how you get your body moving this autumn, just keep on moving!

Remember that taking care of your health and fitness should be a lifestyle choice. The more consistent you are at practising good lifestyle habits, the easier they will be to maintain.

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