Travelling Abroad This Year? Top Tips to Manage your Back Pain by Our Leading Fareham Chiropractor

travelling back care advice from a Fareham chiropractorMany of the patients who visit our chiropractors in Fareham seek advice on travelling abroad with back pain. With more and more people jetting off to sunnier skies during the winter (who can blame them!?), we thought we’d share some top tips for safe and pain-free travel.

Our experienced Fareham chiropractor warns that for people suffering from back or neck pain, long distance travelling can be hard on nerves, muscles and joints. Sitting for long periods (sometimes in crammed spaces) and carting heavy luggage around requires our bodies to work in ways that we’re not used to, but there are effective measures that can be taken to manage back pain when travelling.

Here is some advice from our trusted chiropractor in Fareham that other patients have tried and found to work well:

1: Lift your luggage one step at a time.

Move your luggage in stages; breaking the action down into smaller parts. For example, instead of placing your hand luggage straight into the overhead compartment on a plane, first place it on the arm of the seat, then on the top of the seatback and then into the overhead compartment.

2: Don’t twist when lifting.

Twisting is a common cause of lower back pain, so ensure that you turn with your feet instead of twisting your back when lifting luggage or any other items.

3: Carry a Backpack

Unless your handbag is very light (most are not when travelling!) use a good quality backpack with two straps instead. It is generally recommended that the maximum weight your backpack should be is 10-15% of your body weight. If you suffer from back pain, our advice is for it to be even less than that! Remember that a backpack will enable you to have two free hands to hold onto handrails and other means of support as you make your way on your journey.

4: Get a prescription.

If you take prescribed medication for your back pain and there’s a chance you may run out while you’re on holiday, get a prescription from your GP and take it with you. Bear in mind that your usual medication may have a completely different name in a foreign country so discuss this with your GP before you jet off.

Our renowned team of chiropractors in Fareham are here to provide you with personal advice on travelling based around your condition.
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