Visiting a theme park this summer? Back care advice for thrill seekers!

back care advice from a Fareham chiropractorWith the summer season almost here, many of us will be planning day trips out with our friends and family over the next few months. If you’re a thrill seeker who enjoys nothing more than being whipped around by a speeding roller coaster then you may want to follow some essential tips to protect your back. If you already suffer with chronic back pain then theme park rides are probably not a good idea (even a children’s roller coaster can jar a bad back!), but there are still plenty of ways you can enjoy a day out at the adventure park.

Our Fareham chiropractor shares some top tips to get you through a fun-packed day at the theme park this summer:

1: Talk to Your Friends and Family

Before you head out on your day trip, have an honest chat with your friends and family about how your back condition may affect how you join in. Inform them that you may need to take frequent breaks and that not all rides are suitable for you. The more people know, the more they can accommodate to your needs.

2: Fill Your Day

Although full of  speeding roller coasters and heart-stopping rides, most theme parks have a lot more to offer than white-knuckle adventures. Pick up a brochure on your way in and check the agenda of what’s on throughout the day. Many theme parks run fantastic shows, animal encounters and great places to eat. Fill your day with activities that suit you instead of focusing on the things that you may not be able to do.

3: Plan in Advance

The last thing you want is to find yourself in pain halfway through your day out. Visiting a theme park possibly means a lot more standing and walking than you’re used to so remember to pack any usual pain medications in your bag. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear and pack a bottle of water to stay hydrated (theme park drinks rarely come cheap!). If you find the hours upon end of walking a struggle, consider hiring an electronic convenience vehicle at the park. This way you can ride in style and keep pace with your family and friends!

4: Check the Warning Signs

If you do decide that your back can handle the speed and force of a roller coaster, make sure you check for any warning signs (usually found on the entrance to the ride). If a sign advises that people with back pain shouldn’t ride, then be sensible and follow the advice. Remember that many roller coasters can be deceiving – even a seemingly innocent looking ride can have abrupt turns or loops that may excessively shake your spine. A few thrilling minutes isn’t worth weeks or even months of back pain!

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