Walk to School Month. Get Involved!

back care advice from our Fareham chiropractorThink about the daily school run and what pops into your mind? Chaos? Stress? Bundling your children into the car in a desperate attempt to get to the school early enough to squeeze into a parking space?

Now think of the alternative… Relaxation. Peace. Enjoying a conversation with your children as you share a refreshing autumn stroll.

October is Walk to School Month and may be the ideal time to take the opportunity if possibel to walk your child to school.

Although walking to school may seem impractical for a host of reasons (work commitments being among the most common), if you are able to walk your children to school just a few times a week, you and your little ones will reap the benefits.

Walking frequently is one of the most effective ways to help to maintain a healthy weight, prevent and manage back problems and reduce the risk of serious conditions such as heart disease, type2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Our Fareham Chiropractor suggests a few good reasons why you may want to start walking your child to school:

1: Physical Activity

Children need an hour of physical activity per day and a walk back and forth to school can make a big count towards this minimum. With the evenings drawing in, turning the school “run” into the school “stroll” is a great way to ensure your child gets enough physical activity each day.

2:Better Concentration

Many children who are physically active on the way to school are better able to focus in class.

3: Safety Skills

Walking your child to and from school is the perfect time to teach them vital road safety skills.

4: Building Connections

Walking with your child is a great way to share conversation and develop your relationship. No matter how hard you try, it’s unlikely you’ll get your child’s full attention when they’re in the car squabbling with their siblings about who gets to sit in the front tomorrow or grumbling that their seat belt’s too tight!

5: Reduced pollution and congestion

By walking your child to school, you’ll be helping to reduce pollution and hazardous congestion around schools.

Why not make October a time to get planning, get active and get involved.

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