What the Human Spine Endures While Running.

running back care adviceThis month will see tens of thousands of runners put their bodies to the ultimate test as they take to the streets of the capital for this year’s London Marathon. But while running is an excellent form of aerobic activity and an enjoyable hobby for many, how risky is it on the spine?

Our chiropractor in Fareham believes that running can worsen an existing or emerging back problem due to the repetitive jarring involved in the activity – discs and joints become compressed by the force of the body leaving the ground and landing. The muscles in the back have to work harder to keep the body in an upright position and maintain a good posture while running. There is also the possibility of other muscles influencing back pain when running.

So how exactly can you prevent back pain while running?

Here are our top tips:

1: Focus on maintaining a forward motion while running. Lead with your chest and keep your head tall.

2:  Invest quality running shoes with added cushions. This will help to protect your joints and spine from the jarring impact of running.

3:  Think about running on softer surfaces such as a padded track, grass or a treadmill rather than concrete. Not only will this lessen the blow of the impact as you run, but it will reduce the risk of serious injury should you fall.

4: Strengthen your abdominal and core muscles. This will help to stabilise your lower back as you run and will also help you to maintain a good forward motion.

5: Some experts believe that running barefoot can be beneficial to your joints and spine. If this is something you would like to try, start by walking barefoot on a soft surface and then gradually progress to running.

Don’t forget that running is only one form of aerobic exercise. If you find the activity creates or worsens back pain then consider switching to a lower impact exercise. It may also be worth putting your running routine on pause if you experience a flare up of symptoms from degenerative disc disease.

Although it may be tempting to “push though the pain barriers”, exercise is meant to enhance your health, not put it at risk.

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