What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

healthy living advice from our fareham chiropractorThe New Year is underway and it’s a time when many people make their New Year’s Resolution. You may very well have made yours too!

A common resolution that is made is to become healthier. This can conjure up all kinds of thoughts as to what this entails. Gym memberships soar, fad diet books rush off the shelves and fitness training equipment and clothing get purchased. However, for many people the resolve to become healthier wanes over the days, weeks and months.

The good news is that by making a few simple lifestyle changes most of us can become healthier.

If you have made a resolution to be healthier in 2019 and your resolve is waning already, our chiropractors have put together five ways you can make simple changes that can help you stick to your resolution.

Sit Less and Move More

Did you know that the average person in Britain sits for 8.9 hours a day. That’s a long time! More and more research points to the negative impact that sitting for prolonged periods has on people’s health. Whether sitting at your desk or lounging on the sofa, get up on a regular basis and move around. Maintaining a good posture when you are sitting is also important so check your posture and adjust it if necessary.

Our blog post Sit Less Move More covers this topic in more detail and offers some simple suggestions to help you move more.

 Stretch regularly

Stretching is a great way to improve your flexibility, posture and muscle tone. Here is a link to 5 joint mobility exercises that can improve flexibility and function. It’s important to say that these stretches may not be suitable for you and you should seek the advice of your doctor before starting any new exercise programme.

Make exercise a part of your daily routine

Taking regular exercise offers many health benefits. While going to the gym once a week is better than doing nothing, making exercise part of your daily routine is even better. Why not make walking your daily exercise? We can’t recommend it enough! Walking regularly has been shown to have many health benefits both physically and mentally. To help get you started read our blog post – Put Your Best Foot Forward. which is about the benefits of walking and offers suggestions for walking in and around the Fareham area. Again, check with your doctor before starting any new form of exercise.

Cut out processed foods and introduce whole foods

It must be said that not all processed foods are bad or unhealthy. Some foods need to be processed to make them safe for consumption or make them suitable for use. However, many processed foods have ingredients added to them such as salts, sugar and fat and in addition preservatives and artificial additives are often added too. This can often lead to people consuming far more salts, sugar and fat than is recommended and also eat food that has a low nutritional value.

It can feel overwhelming to know where to start! Why not start by making small changes. For example replace your white toast and jam at breakfast with a bowl of porridge oats, berries and a handful of nuts.  After doing this for a week change your lunch time meal option to a healthier one. By the end of the four weeks you will have gradually replaced the processed foods your were eating with whole foods. You’ll be amazed at how much better you will feel.

Remember to drink plenty of what too.

Maintain a good posture 

There are so many benefits of maintaining a good posture, including:

  • helping to prevent back pain and injuries
  • preventing wear and tear on your joints
  • making it easier to breath
  • improving physical performance
  • strengthening the core
  • aiding digestion of food
  • improving your mood

Improving your posture is not as difficult as it may seem. The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has developed a simple and effective 3 minute exercise programme specifically to improve posture and help reduce the risk of back pain. The programme helps promote balance, strength and flexibility in the spine.

You can follow the Straighten Up UK programme by watching the video below

Here’s to a healthier you in 2019.

Our chiropractors at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic in Fareham are here to help you be as healthy as possible. If you want advice, a check up or you may be suffering back pain or discomfort callus on 01329 280 283 to book an appointment.


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