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Charleigh De La PerrelleMassage therapist: Charleigh De La Perrelle

Swedish and Sports Massage at Homewood

I have always loved massage and I have a particular love for Swedish and Sports Massage. I’m an active horsewoman and have felt the benefits of Remedial Massage for myself. I’m happy to work on a problem area or full body and enjoy working with the Chiropractors – the Professions complement each other perfectly.

Swedish Massage:

Relaxing deep tissue that eases muscular stiffness, aches and pains and improves circulation, skin conditions and muscle functions as well as relaxing the body and mind.

Sports Massage:

Deep tissue massage to release and relax tired and aching muscles after training or sports activities, or ease knotted and tight areas. A sports massage can also help with non sports related issues such as occupation related stiffness or relaxation in stress related environments.

Prices: £38.00 for approx 50 mins


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