It’s Back to School time. Keep your child’s spine healthy with some tips from our Fareham chiropractors

‘Back to school’ three words most kids would prefer not to hear and three words many parents look forward to!

Whatever you’re feeling after the many weeks of summer holidays, reality is coming and you have to get your kids ready for school.

Cue all the back to school adverts.

As experienced Fareham chiropractors our main concern for the beginning of term is the health of your child’s spine.

Poor posture can lead to pain

According to research from the BCA, “over a third (33%) of parents say that their child has suffered from back or neck pain in the past and, whilst back pain can be caused by a number of different factors, overloaded school bags are a common trigger.”

As well as carrying a bag that is too heavy and improperly worn another problem is how your child sits in their chair.

A school day is a long one which primarily involves sitting down and listening to a teacher. This can often result in your child slouching in their chairs which will not help their posture may lead to neck, back and shoulder problems and in some cases pain.

Top tips to help your kids avoid neck and back pain

There’s no big reason to panic and worry though, as busy Fareham chiropractors we often advise a lot of our patients who are parents on this matter. Following this advice can help to prevent problems to your child’s back and neck:

Keep it light – Carrying a heavy bag around all day can lead to issues. The solution is simple, pack light. Make sure that you’re not sending your child to school weighed down by an overcrowded bag.

Check their bag – Of course you can’t take their word for it J. Check their bags before sending them off to school and make sure they’re not keeping it unnecessarily heavy.

Choose a rucksack – This is one of the most important pieces of advice. As leading Fareham chiropractors we feel one of the best ways to avoid back pain is by carrying things properly. When it comes to school bags this means a rucksack. Avoid the over the shoulder bags as these unevenly spread the weight.

Posture leads to pain – Back to slouching! Emphasise to your child how important sitting up straight is and lightly warn about the back pain they might face if they slouch.

If you have any more questions or are seeking more detailed and specific advice, just get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.

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