The benefits of chiropractic for athletes is not a recent phenomenon shares our Fareham chiropractor

Rocky Marciano receiving chiropractic treatmentWe recently highlighted in our post ‘You don’t have to be a sporting superstar to benefit from chiropractic’ how chiropractic treatment has helped the world’s fastest man , Usain Bolt, to keep running. Link to blog

However, an athlete relying on chiropractic care is not a recent phenomenon as this article about Rocky Marciano, the Heavyweight Boxing Champion highlights. It is interesting to read this old article and recognise that Rocky’s willingness to take all the measures necessary to keep him in optimum health in order to reach his goal of being a World Champion is no different to Usain Bolt’s as a modern day athlete.

The article goes on to quote the following to be necessary for Rocky to attain the attributes for him to be on the top of his sport:

  • Proper training
  • Good habits
  • A well-balanced diet and last but not least
  • A spine free from nerve interference

Chiropractic care for athletes at Homewood Chiropractic

As a leading chiropractic clinic in Fareham, our experienced team of chiropractors are well qualified to provide athletes with the highest quality of treatment. Not only are our chiropractors experienced in treating athletes many of the team actively participate in sport themselves.  This gives them a really insight into the demands on ones body.

Homewood goes one step further

Not only can we treat athletes if they have a sports injury we offer an additional level of care for athletes. Our Functional Sports Assessments allow us to take an individual through a series of body part, or body region assessments, which need to meet a particular standard if they are to perform the techniques required in their chosen sport(s).

Many aspects are broken down and isolated in our Functional Sports Assessment, not allowing any compensations, and therefore we can plan the best management to improve that area, and fit it back in to your performed tasks.

For example, during the golf swing you need to have adequate movement and flexibility in joints such as the wrist, elbow and shoulders – but also the correct muscle control to allow efficient movement throughout the range, in addition to correct back and neck posture – to name but a few!

Your body’s ‘core’ muscle endurance and control will be frequently assessed – often if endurance is low, then when the muscles fatigue your joints and spine are not stabilised, and become susceptible to injury.

When added to our already thorough history and examination protocols, we are able to manage each athlete with exactly what they need, and advise exercises/stretches for home or training.

If you’re an athlete with an injury or you feel you would benefit from a Functional Sports Assessment then please contact us at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic on 01329 280 283 or email

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