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Diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. That is why at Homewood Chiropractic we have the very latest digital x-ray imaging available onsite. By no means does everyone need x-ray imaging to help with diagnosis, but when its necessary, then it’s important to get the study done as soon as possible.


X-ray Imaging And Your Chiropractic Care















X-rays are excellent for showing wear and tear changes in bone, and occasionally show fractures and other pathologies. We most often x-ray to check for conditions that require medical attention, and to ensure that our treatment is suitable for you.

Your Chiropractor will discuss with you why they require x-rays of you and make you fully aware of the facts about x-ray imaging.

After your x-ray they will explain the results to you and how they intend to treat you based upon this information and the results of your physical examination.

We may also discuss with you, referring you to your GP or some other medical team.

We will do that as part of our normal service and will follow-up for you to ensure that you are being cared for.


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Other Diagnostic Services At Homewood


We also provide other diagnostic options at Homewood including:
















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